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Our founder, Robert Cornelius, was once a park ranger and is still dedicated to helping the environment and the public. We recycle all of our used cardboard, which is available for free to local recycling collectors. Expired or short dated snacks and beverages are given to the homeless and local charities. We compost all possible items from our facilities. Local charities can purchase goods for fundraisers at our wholesale cost and return the unsold items for a full credit.
To reduce our carbon footprint, decrease traffic congestion, and improve our employees' quality of life, we have instituted several practices. We set up delivery routes around the delivery drivers places of residence. Many drivers keep their delivery vehicles at home and begin their deliveries from there. When drivers do bring their trucks to our warehouse, they do so outside of commute hours and load for multiple days of servicing . For instance, for our accounts in the Monterey Bay and Livermore Valley areas, these practices have cut the total time our employes spend on the road by over 50%! Most of our data entry, ordering, customer service and office work is done remotely from employees homes. Telecommuting is good for everyone.
Custom Touch Vending carries many recycled and compostable items. We are one of the largest distributers of Green Mountain fair trade organic coffees in the Western United States and we encourage you to find out how helping build a sustainable world economy can be affordable and taste good too! Please call us at (408) 287-1389 to learn more about our commitment to being a green company.