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Free Vend beverages and snacks are a great way to show employee and customer appreciation. Complimentary refreshments create a hospitable feeling in the break room that builds comfort and camaraderie and can facilitate synergy as it draws employees from their cubicles during break time where they can gather, discuss their projects, and get fresh perspectives.
Offering a variety of healthy free refreshments is an effective way to encourage better snacking habits at work and keep energy levels high. It shows commitment to your companies wellness program.
For the smaller company, free or subsidized vending is sometimes the solution for obtaining a full array of services for a population that would not normally support machines.

What we offer:

  • Custom Touch Vending offers snacks in baskets, displayed in racks, or delivered by the case to your cabinets or store room. Snacks can also be delivered in bulk for use in office snack dispensers.
  • We offer beverages by the case or pallet. They can be stocked in your refrigerator or we can provide and stock free reach in coolers or traditional vending machines.
  • We offer cereals, pastries, dairy products, eggs, and fresh fruit delivered to your work place.
  • We maintain items at par levels you set or you can order product as needed.
  • We rotate all products on each delivery to ensure freshness.
  • We customize our offerings to each location and can research and provide your special requests at no additional charge.
  • We make special deliveries on or off site for meetings or corporate events and can provide portable coolers and even folding tables for our customers.

Contact us at (408) 287-1389 to learn more about what Custom Touch Vending can do for you.